Empathic Approaches To The Design Of New Service Models For Elders’ Access To Health Care Provision


Coventry aspires to become an Age Friendly City. Following the World Health Organisation framework, a year-long consultation with elder citizens has revealed substantial problems in the design of transport services.  With mobility being linked to both public health and quality of life, there is a clear need to address this problem, so that elders may engage fully in society. The long-term aim is to develop a Centre of Excellence in Mobility and Older Travellers, located in the Centre for Mobility and Transport.

The aim of this project is to develop a replicable model for increasing the empathic horizon of students in relation to their consideration of older users.  This will be achieved through the realisation of the following objectives:

  1. Annual co-design workshops with older travellers, designers, and operators to explore ways in which existing services may be improved and the development of new transport services/vehicles.
  2. Education of young designers (enrolled on Coventry University automotive and transport design courses) in the needs of older users (in general) and mobility needs in later life (in particular) and the introduction of research methods which are sensitive to the needs of older people (empathic design).
  3. Annual design competitions for student designers based around a core theme.
  4. Setting up a consultation group with transport providers and the local authority to ensure knowledge transfer and action on issues raised in 1-3.