Dr Jane OsmondDr JANE OSMOND

Research Fellow, Centre for Mobility and Transport

arx162@coventry.ac.uk  | Skype. Jane.osmond


Vision Statement

My vision is that barriers to mobility, particularly in relation to education and transport, are removed based on a robust, evidentiary research focus.Research Interests

Equality issues in higher education; Identifying threshold concepts in design, violence against women.


As research fellow for the Centre, my main focus is on issues of mobility.

For example, how students learn can affect their educational mobility, hence my interest in identifying threshold concepts in design to enable a lens to be applied to those transformational moments that transform a student into a designer.

Similarly, I am currently researching the impact that unwanted sexual incidents can have on students’ educational mobility as such incidents, which are mainly, but not always, experienced by women, can result in poor educational outcomes or the abandonment of higher education.

In addition, my focus is on transport mobility, particularly in relation to gender and transport – how can we ensure that transport (and public space) planners factor in women’s very different needs (in comparison to men) when planning public transport systems.




  • CoMoDAL: Developing an in-depth understanding of the barriers to the development of a consumer market for assisted living technologies for ‘young’ older people.
  • MetpexFunded by the 7th EU Framework Programme, aims to develop/evaluate a standardised passenger experience measurement tool across whole journeys.
  • BT Digital Archive: To catalogue, digitise and develop a searchable online archive of almost 0.5m photographs, images, documents and correspondence assembled over 165 years.
  • Social Transport Study: A pilot study to understand the current situation within England and inform debate about future developments in social transport.
  • Improving Retention, Supporting Students: Investigated the picture of retention and drop out from the School of Engineering and the causes and solutions to the problem of ‘dropping out’.