UK Full Interviews

Empathic Design Project

Julie, 56, UK woman.

Possibly in the future, I might give up driving but it is quite important as it is representative of my independence. If I had that taken away, I might become reliant on other people which will be really difficult.


UK Male 60

I would like to travel less with public transport as it is very crowded. They don’t usually give priority to seniors and people with buggies take all the space.


Richard, UK Male age 50s

I don’t like traffic on the roads and sometimes I feel that getting out during crowded times is problematic and I should travel when it is less busy. I am satisfied with the transport and I have a private car too which satisfies my needs


UK female age 58

As I have grown older, I have lost confidence in driving and I do not drive making me more dependent on others. Also, I think I am losing balance and getting around is harder on busy streets and pavements. I think as we grow older we lose our confidence more, so getting around is harder in all sorts of ways.


Clive, Taiwan Male age 56

Here in UK you get a bit anxious about your personal safety in few areas in terms of being robbed, so I would be more wary about taking transport (like a bus) here in the UK, but in Taiwan it is very safe. That’s only because I don’t live here anymore and I am used to something else. Transportation, where I am, is improving and my health is really improving so I have no issues with mobility. Actually,  I would love to get a motorbike for myself.


Highlights with Carol Nunn – Amanda Yu

Presently, I function like normal and don’t have any mobility problems around the home, we have a single-floor arranged house and when we moved in it was all fixed for the handicap, accessible, so we thought when we will need it, it will be there for us.